When it all comes down to it... when you're old and reminiscing on the "good ole days" with your equally wrinkled (but still smoking hot) babe by your side, pictures are the only thing you'll have to look back on and share for generations to come. I can think of no better gift than captured moments in time and this is what has really sparked my love for what I do. If you are looking for artistry and adventure, look no further.

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I first fell in love with life on the road in 2018. My best friend had left for Utah in her old suv and told us she’d see us in a few months. I took the easy route and flew out to see her and we car camped for a week in the middle of […]

Life on the Road || Part 1: Colorado to California


Puerto Escondido, Mexico Part II   ________________   This is a story about surfing and sunsets and tan shirtless men. I am writing this still in government-enforced isolation and  once again on my 3rd glass of wine. I promised you beautiful surfer dudes and beautiful surfer dudes you will get. (Haven’t read part I? Do […]

Puerto Escondido, Mexico


Mexico City A Travel Blog.. and then some   ____________________   I type this having “self-isolated” (a term that I would very much like to never utter again) for the past 2 weeks straight and find myself in desperate need of a mental escape. If you’re reading this currently you’ll know we’re amidst a global […]

Mexico City || A Travel Blog


  ​​   I am a college dropout. I did not drop out out of laziness. I did not drop out to start a tech company and get rich. I dropped out because I found a better path. I found a path that nurtured by needs, one that did not force me to learn a […]

Why I Dropped Out of College


This weekend I took a trip to visit a good friend of mine from college in Chicago… Here are some highlights 🙂 ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL ​​SMLXL  

A Weekend in Chicago


Hello Hello! In honor of purchasing a new fancy camera I thought I would humble myself- and hopefully help encourage and motivate others- by writing about the stigma of feeling like you have to have fancy gear to be successful in the arts. It’s so so so easy to look at other successful photographers, artists, musicians- you […]

Creative Success and Gear: A Stigma